The toolbox from ECLAIRA newsletter No. 10 - Methods and tools for analysis and evaluation: what added value do these provide?


> National indicators: 10 key indicators for monitoring the circular economy, 2017 Edition

In this publication the observation and statistics service (Service de l’observation et des statistiques - SOeS) offers a selection of 10 indicators to measure and monitor changes to the circularity of the French economy. “Indicator factsheets” cover each of the 7 pillars of the circular economy.

> A positioning tool for companies: Evalu'EC - A self-diagnostic tool on the circular economy

In 2016-2017 following a request from Comité 21, students from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes designed a self-diagnosis tool covering all the pillars of the circular economy. Evalu'EC allows companies (who are the targets of version 1 of the tool) to evaluate the circular dimension of their activities.

A questioning-based approach broken down into indicators, to measure the circularity of products and the European economy

> Circular economy in Europe: developing the knowledge base

This report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) describes the concept of circular economy and summarizes its main features. It highlights the benefits and challenges of the transition to the circular economy and presents several ways to measure progress towards this model at European level (Part 3. Monitoring progress towards a circular economy - p22). 

> Circular by design: products in the circular economy

This second report from the EEA addresses the circular economy via products, adopting a systemic approach. It proposes indicators and assessment tools to measure the circularity of products (Annex 1. Assessing progress - p38). 


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Source: ECLAIRA - Newsletter No. 10 / March 2018

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