[Focus on initiatives] Giving a second life to outdoor equipment

Green Wolf is a repair workshop for outdoor clothing and accessories of all technical levels located in Servoz in Haute-Savoie. Changing zips, repairing tents and reactivating water-repellent treatment are just some of the services offered to companies and individuals. 

The Outdoors Sports Valley (OSV) cluster is behind this project. In 2013, after identifying a need among its members for the repair of outdoor textiles, OSV launched a call for projects to create a shared repair centre dedicated to textiles for the outdoor industry, which was won by Mont Blanc Insertion (MBI).  

In 2017, MBI decided to refocus on industrial outsourcing and sold the repair business to Green Wolf. During its development, the project was able to make use of the expertise of OSV and brands such as Patagonia, Salomon and Picture Organic Clothing. It also received support from the INNOV'R® system, which enabled them to launch the project and buy machines. It took the repair centre over a year and a half to reach the standards required by companies. With its expertise recognized by the brands in the outdoor sector, Green Wolf continues to grow. In 2019, the centre is ready to employ a third seamstress.

120 to 130 repairs per month are carried out in the summer period, and between 300 and 350 in the winter period
Fabrice Pairot de Fontenay, the repair centre manager, counts 120 to 130 repairs per month in the summer period and between 300 and 350 in the winter period for about 20 companies. Green Wolf is also involved in consulting by helping outdoor professionals to get organized in order to develop their repair solutions. The repair centre is part of a circular economy initiative aiming to find a global solution for brands combining:
  • repair, to give a second life to textiles,
  • the development of a second-hand circuit,
  • and upcycling, to find tailor-made solutions in partnership with the brands.

Source : ECLAIRA - Newsletter No. 14 / July 2019

Focus on Initiatives photos: Innovatherm, PIXABAY, Nathalie Ecuer for Green Wolf

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