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  • Main leader : GIE OSIRIS
  • Type of initiative : Initiative involving different people (collective, etc.)
  • Nord Isère
  • Rue Gaston Monmousseau, 38150 Roussillon
  • Start date : janvier 1999

The Les Roches-Roussillon chemical platform located in Isère brings together 15 companies working in the industry and employs 1450 people. The Roussillon platform is one of the few French chemical platforms that has entrusted pooling of services and infrastructure to an EIG (economic interest group) These services include the supply of energy and utilities, safety, occupational medicine, mechanical workshops, analytical laboratories, an inspection and control system and an industrial supply store.

Qualitative benefits

The Osiris economic interest group provides coordination and organization for all companies on the platform for safety, security, environment, logistics, utilities and energy savings.

This organization can:

- Provide reliable and competitive services and utilities To launch its Secoia® range of alkyd emulsions made of up to 99% renewable raw materials of vegetable origin, for the paint, paper and textile markets, the manufacturer reckons that its facility managed by Osiris is bringing in 50% of the initial investment.

- Improving the competitiveness of companies For example, for electricity: according to its administrator, the EIG buys 500 gigawatts per year at a price of 70 euros per megawatt "instead of 100 euros on average elsewhere". Or a saving of 30%.

- Attracting new activities to the site Last October, after examining 71 projects worldwide, the American Hexcel also opted for this platform to build its European carbon fibre production unit.

Quantitative benefits

Objective: Provide competitive shared services that make the platform attractive.

Result: Two new companies have set up in Roussillon with 250 million euros of investment and 150 direct jobs created.

Stages of the initiative

1999 - Osiris EIG created by Rhodia

1999 - 2005 All the principles for pooling services set up

2010 - Platform promoted to attract new businesses in collaboration with AEPI

2014 - The biomass recovery unit named "Robin" started up

2014 - Two new companies set up

Areas of activity

  • Chemistry
  • Industry


  • Water
  • Waste
  • Wood
  • Chemicals
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unavoidable and recovered energy
  • Heating networks
  • Crude oil
  • Coal

Technical resources

Certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 50001, MASE standards

Devices, tools or methodologies

A HSE - Sustainable development charter ensures consistent, effective management of Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Protection of the Environment on the platform. The companies also adhere to the chemical industry's Responsible Care charter.

Human resources

Osiris EIG staff: 274 people coordinate the joint management of services and utilities.


  • Adisseo, Bluestars Sillicones, Novacyl, Novapex, Solvay, Sita Rekem.
  • Funding

    Rhodia created the EIG in 1999 by contribution.
     Regional planning
     Regional cooperation
     Infrastructure and service sharing
     Shared production platforms
     Energy efficiency


  • Vincent Jay

    Chef de projets

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