Creating “Local Start-ups” by involving a wide range of people

  • 2018-11-27 14:53:19
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  • Main leader : Groupe Archer - Valence-Romans Agglo,
  • Type of initiative : Initiative involving different people (collective, etc.)
  • Valence-Romans Agglo
  • Romans sur Isère
  • Start date : février 2016

Residents are thought to be in the best position to bring to light needs and solutions in their area through collective intelligence, collaboration and reappropriating the economy.

Involving them allows new responses, innovative projects and initiatives based on the area's resources to be invented. Projects then emerge in the circular economy: short circuits, renewable energies, artisan or industrial relocation, tourism, etc.

Qualitative benefits

When residents are brought together, in a space where benevolence, creativity and entrepreneurial responsibility can flourish, new ideas emerge about the use of the area's resources.

In the Valence-Romans area (Valence-Romans Agglo), bringing together so many people via Local Start-ups has given rise to new ways of achieving economic development.

The initiative allows projects to develop quickly in response to unmet needs in the area. It makes people aware of certain needs

Quantitative benefits

In the Valence-Romans area, the Local Start-up evening attracted 250 participants in 2016 and six times more than that in March 2018.

  • 5 projects under way
  • 3 projects being created
  • 15 projects under consideration

Stages of the initiative

February 2, 2016: the first Local Start-up evening organized by Groupe Archer. 200 participants

February 2, 2017: over 250 participants at the second event.

2018: the third event on March 29, 2018 in partnership with the Valence-Romans area: over 1,400 participants

Between each event: Working groups on the subjects brought to light during the evenings


  • Intangible resources

Devices, tools or methodologies

Local Start-up evenings are organized to involve a large number of participants.

They are invited to take part in workshops on different themes in order to bring out areas for new projects.

Everyone comes with part of the solution and enriches other people’s ideas. The projects are in this way much stronger.

Subsequently, the selected projects have between eight to eighteen months to be set up

Human resources

168 group leaders were involved to lead working groups during the Local Start-up evening in early 2018.

The Valence-Romans are and the Groupe Archer have submitted an application for the “Territoires d’innovation de grande ambition (Innovative areas with high ambition)” call for projects as part of the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir de l’Etat (State investment programme for the future). The project presented aims to create a new model for economic and social development on the scale of urban authorities, based on the Local Start-up method. It aims at sustainable development in a broad sense. The project was pre-selected and received initial support for 2018. The final award-winners will be revealed in December.

At the same time, the Local Start-up model is getting equipped and is developing. Bordeaux, Figeac, Lille, Lons-le-Saunier and Strasbourg were the first areas to duplicate the initiative that will soon extend to fifty other areas.

  • 6 areas experimenting in 2016-2018
  • Objectives: 50 areas committed to Local Start-up in 2020; 1000 companies have provided solutions in 2020
 Collective action
 Regional cooperation


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